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For menus with endless servings of food, to feasting harvest tables, there are plenty of halal-certified and halal-friendly cafés and restaurants to try out in Cape Town. With Ramadan coming around each year, these buffet settings will be the ideal option for both you, your family and friends to enjoy, especially after a long day of fasting, or to celebrate Eid festivities. 5 Restaurants to Discover for the Halal Tourist...
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Ranked as one of the top 10 Muslim-friendly travel destinations in 2018, South Africa, especially Cape Town, shines as being one of the most hospitable countries in the world. The country has been rated in a category amongst the non-organisation of Islamic Co-operation, also known as the OIC, in the yearly Mastercard-Crescent Rating for the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI). Not only does this add an immense boost in Cape...
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If you’re a local Muslim in Cape Town, you’ve probably heard of a neighborhood, referred to as the Bo-Kaap, which is a multicultural area, known to the residents of the city, as well as tourists abroad, as the Malay Quarter. The reason for its popularity abroad is due to a similar establishment in Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Indian and African culture. These establishments were created by descendants of slaves that were...
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