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The World’s Friendliest Muslim Destination in the World


Ranked as one of the top 10 Muslim-friendly travel destinations in 2018, South Africa, especially Cape Town, shines as being one of the most hospitable countries in the world.

The country has been rated in a category amongst the non-organisation of Islamic Co-operation, also known as the OIC, in the yearly Mastercard-Crescent Rating for the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI).

Not only does this add an immense boost in Cape Town’s tourism industry, which is good for various sectors in the mother-city, but it also aids in a friendlier environment amongst residents and tourists, setting an even bigger example for the rest of the world. This rating has also added a boost to the city’s ongoing tourism campaign, to seek growth within the market, which again aids in lower unemployment rates, and even bigger opportunities within the country.

The OIC has established a certain total of initiatives and rules, that is aimed at the development of a more Muslim-friendly tourism market. The fact that the city rates as one of the top ten most Muslim-friendly cities in the world, also says a lot about how far the Western Cape has come, since the commencement of democracy.

It’s difficult to believe that a severe state Apartheid reigned on the streets of Cape Town, which was even worsened by excessive violence and explicit acts of inequality. With an increasing Muslim-friendly tourism market, and added awareness focused on the travel preferences for Muslims in the mother-city, it has become the ideal destination for Muslim tourists all around the globe.

Cape Town Tourism for All

According to tourism statistics in Cape Town, a total of 26-percent of the population in the world, will live as Muslims by the year of 2020.

Hence, there is a reason why Cape Town has made an effort to implement an equal-like type of city for all tourists visiting around the world, and especially for countries with Muslim residents.

Studies have also shown, in both Cape Town and abroad, that tourism is considered one of the sectors that have the highest incline growth rate for the global traveling industry.

It is also estimated that 220-billion dollars, will be spent in the industry, within the next three years, which adds to a positive increase in the economy of countries all over the world, and not only South Africa, or more specifically, the city, Cape Town.

The tourism industry in Cape is thus, a very respected industry for the country, and is constantly being looked at and improved with time, as this will benefit the country on a much larger scale than other sectors generally would.

Establishing that there is a sense of peace in the Western Cape, the province welcomes Muslims with open arms, to enjoy a cultural experience of a lifetime.

Halal Tourism South Africa provides Islamic tours both locally and internationally.

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